Cope Engineering (Rollmakers) Limited provides the most comprehensive roll design and analytical service to our customers.

Rollers are increasingly being used up to and sometimes beyond the physical constraints of their intended use and prediction of failure at an early stage during design or before manufacture of the roll, can lead to significant savings when comparing the cost of replacement in the field following failure.

We use Finite Element analysis coupled with our own in house software to predict the performance of a roll in its specific application.

Stress analysis and deflection calculations, form the basis of all our mechanical analysis to designs of both our own and customers, for all types of materials, steel, aluminium, carbon fibre, stainless steel etc., either plain finished, coated or rubber covered. Couple this with the application and the forces in use which enables us to predict the performance of all the rolls.

For heating and cooling rolls we are able to predict the thermal performance of all types of rolls giving guarantees for the “Delta T” (across face) temperature to plus or minus 0.5 ° C. Flow rates and temperature of liquid required for the duty of the roll can also be calculated or a roll designed round the application with the available liquid flow is the alternative.

This often leads fewer and often smaller rollers for the application, saving you running and capital costs.
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