Cope Engineering (Radcliffe) Limited produce most types of Industrial Rolls for many applications including :
Heat Transfer Rolls, Lehr Rolls,
All types of Paper Mill Rolls,
Rolls to the Converting Industry, Carbon Fibre Rolls,
Handling, Guide, Nip and Transport Rolls and many more.

Below are just some examples of the types of Rolls we produce, if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us with your enquiry.

Heat Transfer Rolls

  For less demanding applications, we are able to offer a standard roll without a sealed flow path for use where maximum heat transfer may not be required or in replacement situations where high flow rates are already used.



  With over 40 years experience, the company has produced a range of rolls for many industries including:



  Flexographic Printing

Typically both the smaller type of cylinder and the those for preprint applications are supplied complete with gears and in accordance with the press manufacturer's specification, in matched sets if required. This ensures the correct wall thickness and that the   cylinder has been dynamically balanced and ground, usually with a T.I.R. of 0.0127mm (0.0005") maximum.
Stereo lines can be scribed in line with keyways for correct register, or to your specific requirements.

Gravure Printing
We can supply cylinders for both gravure and offset-gravure presses, either coppered or turned ready for plating.

We offer air shafts, taper mandrels and sleeves or conversion of your existing cylinders as required.

Gears, Sleeves and Adaptors
All types of steel, cast iron, fibre and nylon gears can be supplied, together with ancillary equipment such as hardened sleeves or splined adaptors.


Rolls and Cylinders

The company has a wealth of experience serving all web handling industries, from the thinnest film converters to heavy gauge steel coil processors.

Many rolls are being supplied for use within the wide film and paper producing industries, both to machinery manufacturers and end users. Applications for our rolls include paper machine felt rolls, slitting and rewinding equipment and reel cores for both the film and paper industries.

A full range of material handling rolls, guide rolls, nip rolls and transport rolls can be offered with deflection, critical speed and stress analysis calculations if necessary.

A comprehensive roll finishing service is available, including rubber covering; nickel, chrome or copper plating; ceramic coating; plain ground.

The company will be happy to manufacture to your drawings and can offer alternative designs if required.


The PROLITE ® range of carbon fibre rolls.

Prolite ® composite carbon fibre rolls with the best combination of STIFFNESS, WEIGHT and COST are performing with great success in converting equipment worldwide.

A comprehensive design service utilizing our low stress bonding system and multi-axis filament winding techniques is available in house, providing effective solutions to engineering challenges on your high performance machines where very low moments of inertia are required.

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